Hans F. Grønvold, lead-guitar & choir.

Hans "Aatsi" is educated clerk, born in Qasigiannguit 1973 marts 19th. Live in Qasigiannguit now with his wife and 2 daughters.

"Aatsi" is "ASUKI"-s engineer and recording man, he got a own studio, where "ASUKI" buys some additional equipments.

Aatsi is "ASUKI"-s next oldiest member of the band.

Equipment (LIVE): Fender Tele with Texas Special Pickups,Ibanez Custom with Seymour Duncan Pickups, Hughes & Kettner Tubemann II Dunlop Crybaby Boss and ZVEX effects, Shure wireless Guitarist UHF (EUT 14), microphones: Shure BETA87A. Sennheiser in ear monitor (EW-300-G2 receiver SR-300 rack-sender). 

E-mail: hansg@greennet.gl imlt. hans@asuki.net